About PAKC

The origin of Psychiatry Associates of Kansas City (PAKC) dates to the end of World War II in 1945. Since its inception, the group has been dedicated to providing both inpatient and outpatient care. Dr. Cole, our senior partner, joined the group in 1979. Dr. Steven Segraves teamed with Dr. Cole in 1990 and the group was renamed Psychiatry Associates of Kansas City. The practice moved to the current location in Leawood in 2001. Over the years, the group has consistently grown in both number and scope.  

Currently, PAKC is active at several hospitals. The primary inpatient focus has remained with the newly merged Research Psychiatric Center/Research Medical Center. PAKC has a major presence at and manages geropsychiatry units at Cameron (MO) Regional Medical Center and Cass Regional Medical Center in Harrisonville, Missouri. Several of our psychiatrists are using new technologies and conducting psychiatric consultations via telemedicine. The group considers Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) to be an important therapeutic option for some treatment refractory patients and performs that procedure at Research Psychiatric Center. 

All of our physicians have outpatient practices and have an active presence at our main clinic at 8900 State Line in Leawood, Kansas. Additionally, Drs. Everson and Mays have office hours in satellite offices in Lee’s Summit, Harrisonville, and Warrensburg, Missouri. 

Our psychiatrists have a variety of backgrounds and clinical interests, with some focusing on children and adolescents, and several working primarily with the adult and senior populations.  


Our Physicians

Psychiatry Associates of Kansas City (PAKC) is a single specialty group practice based in Leawood, Kansas. Twelve psychiatrists currently compose the group. Our physicians are:

Sherman Cole, M.D.

Steven D. Segraves, M.D.

Kevin Mays, M.D.

Lolitta E. Aznaurova, M.D.

Christopher R. Van Horn, D.O.

Michael J. Everson, M.D.

Wade A. Hachinsky, M.D.

Ely A. Tamano, M.D.

Irfan A. Handoo, M.D.

Erick M. Brown, D.O.

Dennis P. Owens M.D.

Sasha G. Hamdani, M.D.

Andrew Segraves, D.O.  

PAKC psychiatrists have solid relationships with a wide variety of psychotherapists around the community and work closely with therapists in an effort to treat patients’ mental health issues in a multidisciplinary approach. Our goal at PAKC is to provide respectful, comprehensive patient centered care in a supportive environment.